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What is Virtual PBX?



If you are looking for Office Telephone Systems Sharjah or services that will take care of your calls at minimal costs, then check out what virtual PBX services can do for your small business. Unlike other telephone systems for small businesses, virtual PBX has no need for additional hardware that can cost you more in the long run. You can manage and receive calls using just one main telephone number by using an online interface that lets you control your functions. These functions include redirecting calls, dial-by-name directory, online voicemail, and online call logs. Using virtual PBX systems allows you to have a more controlled and organized calls which will help improve your professional image to your clients.


Reasons for Using a Virtual PBX service
Compared to the traditional PBX Business Telephone Systems UAE, virtual systems cost way less and give you as much, if not more business phone systems features that can truly help your business. Aside from lower costs, virtual systems are also very easy to maintain because your service provider will shoulder most of the maintenance your account needs. They will provide you a web management feature that will allow you to customize your account fast and hassle-free.


Choosing a Virtual PBX Service
A good virtual PBX service provider should offer a free trial so you can get to know their services more before you sign up with them. The provider should also allot the amount of minutes you need for your small business. Before signing up, you should check out their list of services for Basic, Mid-Level, and Corporate accounts. Free trials should last for at least 30 days in order to get the best assessment.


A competent virtual PBX provider should offer most, if not all of the following services: Web management, call forwarding, call screening, call transferring, dial-by-name directory, internet fax, voicemail, and message alerts.

A virtual PBX service also allows greater flexibility when it comes to features. You can choose from several plans that will fit your business needs. You are not stuck with the same old standard features and you don't have to pay extra to get the additional services. No need to buy new or additional hardware to enjoy other features that your provider offers.

Keeping track of your calls is easy when you use your web management account. You can access online call reports anytime and get the details that you need. No need to worry if all your calls or fax messages were sent or not. All you have to do is log in your account to keep track of all your calls and other transactions.


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